Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Today has been an awesome day. I could have been depressed that my kids are not home for Easter but instead of being down JR (hubby) and I decided to go hiking and have a picnic after church today. I fried some boneless chicken thighs, made a broccoli salad and a fruit type salad. Baked off some cookies.
We hiked the Ash cave rim trail not long but a bit more rustic. I was surprised that it was not as difficult as the last time I did it. I am trying to build up my stamina and strength to do the Grandma Gatewood walk in the Hocking Hills it is 12 miles. I am planning on having a back MRI again in the near future as it is bothering me a bit.
I am rising some biscuit of the sourdough variety for dinner just a snack really.
The drive up to hike is about an hour so I knit on my Hedera sock I am half way finished the cuff. Tonight I will be working on the toe of my Secret Garden sock.

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