Sunday, April 11, 2010


My weekend is coming to an end and I am so beat. the good side of the is I got some yard work done. The front bed is now finished and waiting for my spring flowers to be planted. I started this bed last summer and it never got finished not my fault really. Bad weather and a very long delay on my top soil that was not too great, made it difficult to finish so I bought many bags of top soil, added them then built a second level of decorative block.
I had to rip back a pair of Socks that Rock Sock Club socks. They were way too big. I am trying to use size "0" needles to see if they will make them small without having to decrease the amt of stitches and redo the pattern. I love the patten I may have to try a different yarn one that is finer. The STR yarn is med weight and I am not fond of that weight but I so love the color of the yarn. More on that later.

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