Monday, April 19, 2010

Time flies

How time flies! It has been a week since my last blog, way too long.
The weekend was fantastic. DH and I went to visit our son and future daughter in law. It is a long drive almost 5 hours for a short visit but I had not been up to visit in almost a year and had not seen him since Christmas. I could not have asked for a better girl for my son to marry and he better treat her right.
Due to the long car ride I got a lot of knitting done. I finished up Hedera sock #1 and got 13 of 15 repeats done on the foot. I am making them toe-up rather than top down. I had started Secret Garden from Blue Moon Fiber Arts switched to a finer yarn rather than the med weight and the pattern is working out well. I want to get the hedera's done soon as that is my favorite pattern for socks at the moment. I also need to finish a small shawl I started soon so I can think about making a summer top. I am a rather monogamous knitter and get anxious if too many projects are going at one time.
As for my Monday at work it was a Monday. Tomorrow working a woman's day out event. Over 3,000 are expected the good thing about that is I get to wear jeans.

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