Monday, May 31, 2010

busy time

It has been a busy time for me. I have done a lecture to some clinic staff on Colon Cancer screening and also worked an event for woman's health. Work has been busy and a tad bit stressful.I love what I do but it can be stressful.
I have been knitting like a crazy person on a pair of socks for the DH and all I have to do is the sewn bind off it is my favorite bind off for toe up socks. He wanted a pair for hiking and I can attest that wool socks when they get wet still feel warm and rather dry as today when I was hiking trudged through a steam and it was not warm.
The DD came home on Saturday or rather we picked her up at her school in Kent then drove we went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show. We had a wonderful time but it was way hot out. I bought the DD 10 oz of roving, almost 2 oz of silk caps, and 8 oz of dyed roving. I did not buy anything for myself I wanted to buy some yarn at Brier Rose but the line was way too long. After that we went to the Amish Door Inn in Wilmont for lunch and a little shopping.
Sunday I planted 2 full flats of pink petunias in the front flower bed.
Today we all went hiking in Kanawa State park and packed a lunch. We had to eat lunch in the car as it was raining. Thank goodness that we all brought extra shirts we got soaked from the rain and sweat. The hike was a difficult one and it was so humid we were wet before it started to rain. Ick!!!

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