Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race for the cure

As summer approaches I become increasingly busy with work related activities. On May 1st in Charleston WV I worked a tent at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. I handed out about 2,500 pink ribbon chip clips. I arrived at the tent with my husband at 6AM way too early. I was followed by 2 co-workers at 7:30 after the set-up was done. Thousand of race participants and survivors were on the Charleston WV capitol grounds,it was a sea of pink. The sight of so many breast cancer survivors was a wonderful and touching sight. I came home satisfied but so exhausted. I sure don't want to do that too often.
On the knitting front I have turned the heel of the second Hedera sock. I am stuck on the Secret Garden sock heel it is so different than I have done before and I think the directions leave a lot to be desired and could be much improved. I need to finish this stuff so I can knit a summer top and start the wedding veil for my daughter in law to be.
And so the busy season begins

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